Lea Loncar

Lea Loncar

Finally Lea Lalitha is coming to Bodø! Lea is the first yoga teacher of AYC´s founder, Kristin, and our biggest wish since starting up was to host the beloved Lea here. 

Lea is the founder of Zenit Yoga, Trondheim Norway, and Samvid Yoga, Split Croatia. She is psychologist and yoga teacher, and have been living yoga the last decades. Being one of the first yoga teachers in Norway, she has taught and inspired a whole generation of Norwegian yogis. 




Embodiment through yoga: Implications for personal awareness and relation to the world (EN)

Fredag 15 Juni: 13.00 – 13.45
Thon Hotell Nordlys 6 etg. – del 1


Ashtanga Vinyasa – gentle footsteps of a silent warrior

Lea will guide you thorugh a gentle approach to ashtanga vinyasa with focus on awareness. In this workshop she combines 1 and 2 series, giving skillful adjustments, creating an atmosphere for letting go, with the aim to experience mastery, integration, and trust.

Lørdag 16 juni: 09:30 – 12.00
Thon Hotell Nordlys 6 etg. – del 2


Slow vinyasa – transcending the pieces into a beautiful (Holly) Wholeness.

In this workshop Lea guides you through slow Vinyasa  flow, integrative and ritual, with teh application of nature elements for visualisations, and stimulation of parasympaticus, to support the notion of wholeness, safety, meaning, and intuition. 

Søndag 17 juni: 13.30 – 14.30
Thon Hotell Nordlys 6 etg. – del 2