Yin Yang Yoga workshop with Marije in February!

Balance Movement Stillness – a Yin Yang Yoga workshop

Hurray! Marije Paternotte is visiting Bodø in February to give a pre-conference workshop! We know there are many yogis in and around Bodø who highly appreciate Marije’s workshops, and particularly her Yin and Yang theme is popular. We look forward to arranging this workshop in collaboration with the newly established Yogakollektivet, centrally located in Bodø city center.

About the workshop:

In this workshop we will explore movements and passive postures that affect our body on an energetic level. By focusing on the subtle effects of our practice we add a new and deeper dimension to it. As we learn to notice the stillness in dynamic movements and the strong flow of energy in still postures, we can apply these different energies to (re)balance ourselves. Working with specific – and often neglected – body parts, such as the ankles, soles of the feet, the face and the eyes, will result in subtle changes in your body. Pranayama and Mindfulness Meditation exercises will further assist you in this exploration of balancing movement and stillness. Mostly experiential in nature, this workshop will allow you to dive deeply within and experience a renewed connection with your body.


During this workshop you will explore and learn:

– the concepts of Yin and Yang;

– the subtlety of dynamic movements and passive postures;

– yoga for specific body parts, such as the ankles, shoulders, eyes and face;

– both energizing and calming Pranayama;

– Mindfulness Meditation.


This workshop is open to students of all levels, and will be held in English.

When: February 9, at 17:00 – 20:00 hrs

Where: Yogakollektivet, Storgata 32 in Bodø

Fee: NOK 755

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Marije E. Paternotte (E-RYT, RYT-500) was born and raised in Amsterdam where she studied law and worked as a corporate lawyer. After joining a yoga retreat in Bali life led her to the United States where she took her yoga teacher training. She currently lives in a small beach town in New Jersey with her husband, and teaches yoga locally as well as in workshops, retreats and trainings around the world. Marije also leads guest classes at the renowned Kripaly Center for Yoga & Health in Massachusetts (USA).

Marije received both her foundational and professional level yoga teacher certification at the Kripalu Center for Yoga & Health, and her Yin Yoga and Mindfulness training from both Sarah Powers and Bernie Clark, and her meditation training from Jonathan Foust.

Through her training to be a professional ballet dancer, her innate body awareness, self-study and several sustained injuries, Marije has developed a keen eye for precise and safe alignment of yoga postures. Her teaching style is understated and compassionate, with a focus on mindfulness. Marije always encourages her students to find their own yoga and to cultivate non-judgmental self-observation, in order to discover who they truly are.

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