Stormen Litteraturhus – our amazing venue!


Unknown-3   Unknown-2

Stormen Library and litteraturehouse opened last year, and it’s a proud and social addition to Bodø City. Situated on the harbour, it embodies the spirit of Bodø´s culture life together with Stormen Concert house.

Guess where AYC is taking place this year?


David Grandorge Stormen   Stormen trapp_David Grandorge

Be prepared to practice in this amazing architectural pearl. And we are so excited to welcome you guys here, keeping the event centered at one location (a part from the excursions), with possibilities for food and shopping of yoga gear right at the spot!


Stormen_DavidGrandorge   Stormen David Grandorge


Photo credits:

Large, front photo Stig H. Rasmussen


Smaller photos, from the top left: Marte Antonsen/Big Picture, and Bodø kommune 

Middle and bottom photos: David Grandorge/DRDH Architects


See you there!



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