Morning meditation at the World Yoga Day, June 21st

Dear all,

It is with such delight we inform you that the Arctic Yoga Conference is joining UNIFY, the global synchronized yoga + meditation journey that will take place on Sunday the 21st of June, ALL OVER THE WORLD. This is a unified celebration of the power of yoga to transform lives and create peace, and it happens on the very first United Nations’ International Day of Yoga, June 21st! We now even have the UN supporting what we do, and the world is moving. Bliss and gratitude.


Celebrating this day, Yoga and the UNIFY initiative, we are including a lovely new post to our weekend programme. We call this..

Morning meditation with a grand view!

We salute the sun and the world in love and gratidude with a morning meditation with the Arctic Yoga Conference

Wonderful Sandra Tideman will guide us through this meditation, that will take place Sunday 21st at 08.10 am, on the 17th floor balcony of hotel Scandic Havet (Ocean), nearby our venue Stormen library. This location has a breathtaking view over the city and the sea surrounding it. We’ll walk from Stormen at 08 am, starting the meditation about ten minutes later. After the meditation we’ll walk together back to Stormen, rejuvenated and ready for a Yoga class at 09 am.

You can find our event on the map at UNIFY. Everybody is free to participate, so tell your friends to come and join us!

The world can be such a beautiful place. The light in me greets the light in you, Namasté.


The word “Yoga” means Unify in Sanskrit. Yoga is a system developed in India to align our mind, body and consciousness with “prana”: the electromagnet pulse that energizes all life. Yoga is a non-denominational way for us to find greater connection, inner peace, and has grown into a movement of over 250 million practitioners worldwide (


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