Key note speaker Heather Mason!

We are honoured to announce Heather Mason as the headliner of the Academic Conference of Health and Wellness this year! She is a global leader in the field of yoga therapy for mental health, with an impressive research background, including psychotherapy, Buddhist studies, neuroscience and medical physiology. She is also an ongoing guest lecturer at the Harvard Medical School.

Her first meeting with yoga was in India when she studied abroad in India as part of her university education. A significan insight that has come to her through yoga is the awareness that “all things changes”. When not teaching and writing she loves to dance and sing!

To Heather, yoga means deep awareness and transformation of all aspects of self. When asked about who her teachers are, she replies, “my true teachers are not famous, they are my guru in Varanasi, Dr. Kumar, my meditation teacher Jeff Oliver. In addition, I believe each person I am in contact with is also my teacher .” In her lecture at the academic conference she will focus on yoga and emotions.


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