Arctic Yoga Conference is driven by the enthusiastic yoga community in the region, our many dedicated yoga teachers, volunteers and other local contributors. The edition of 2016 (June 16-19) will be the sixth in line. We invite you to engaging practices of yoga and mindfulness with great teachers from around the world. Lectures on the latest research within the field of yoga, mindfulness and health is also presented.


The intention of Arctic Yoga Conference is facilitating exchange of yoga practice, collegial networking, fun and amazing experiences. The spectacular nature makes the conference unique. We practice under the midnight sun, up in the mountains and out by the sea!

Hope to see you this summer!

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  • Marina M
    7 years ago

    Hei Jeg har meldt meg på. Linken med informasjon fungerer ikke. Hvor holdes konferansen – slik at jeg kan boke rom i nærheten. Takksam for svar. Marina M

  • Hvor holdes konferansen ?

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